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While not always the case, couples usually arrive to treatment after things have gotten to at least a simmering, if not boiling point. Generally I work to turn the heat down so that we can assess what each person in the couple needs. These needs are addressed from an individual as well as a relational perspective. Opportunities will arise for couples to learn how their personal or generational histories are contributing in helpful and unhelpful ways. As couples become more aware of and comfortable with their differences (needs, wounds, desires, mode of relating) they often can begin exploring common ground to share. I call this shared space a relationship. 
Matt Shatzman, MA, LPC
Adult and Adolescent Psychotherapy
Co-creating a relationship with informed consent is one of the possible outcomes and the hope of many couples. Sometimes this isn’t possible. It’s this latter outcome many worry about. And for good reason. Being human can be painful and nobody likes pain. Ultimately, I team with couples in their task to determine how and what to do with their pain, as well as how and where their pleasures will be found.