I feel most questions can be summarized by one, which is, "am I ok?" or "am I going to be ok?" (see also: "Is she or he ok?"). This speaks to the enormous insecurity we have when daring to ask for help of any kind. When it comes to the most private things, like our feelings and thoughts, the stakes go way up. Rather than glibly answer with “things will all work out” I think it’s more helpful to acknowledge the courage in asking questions. Questions usually suggest uncertainty. Sometimes questions aren't even questions, but more a statement. This kind of exploration is the process of therapy and the way each of us discovers answers with staying power.     
Matt Shatzman, MA, LPC
Adult and Adolescent Psychotherapy
Q: How long will this take?
A: I'm sorry to say, but it depends. If you desire a time-limited treatment with a narrow focus on particular behaviors, the process could be relatively brief. If you feel you're ready for and need a more comprehensive change in how you and others experience yourself or a more sweeping shift in lifestyle then treatment could be longer. With that said, individual differences make this question nearly impossible to answer.

Q: Do you prescribe medications?
A: No. I'm not a medical doctor. Deciding to consult with a psychiatrist for medication treatment can be a consideration included within therapy. I have a network of psychiatrists who I refer to when necessary. 

Q: How much does this cost?
A: $150 per 50-minute session. At times I have limited availability for those who have financial limitations, in which case the fee is determined after an evaluation of resources. I am no longer in network with insurance companies but can provide documentation to be submitted for reimbursement should you have out-of-network benefits and wish to use them.