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     Working with adolescents inherently includes working with parent(s). Restoring growth and healthy development to both the individual (adolescent) and the system (family) tends to be an outcome most desired. As such, I often work with the adolescent, the parent(s), and the family together throughout a treatment process. Depending on the developmental level of the adolescent, the work may involve various forms of play rather than explicit talking. Through play children and adolescents can externalize their difficulties and work towards solutions. The general direction of the work focuses on assisting the adolescent with learning to identify, express, and use thoughts and feelings in constructive and meaningful ways. Because each child and family is unique, issues of temperament (biological factors), loss and transition (moving, divorce, blended, foster, adoption situations) inform and shape treatment. 
Matt Shatzman, MA, LPC
Adult and Adolescent Psychotherapy
     Parents who bring their child to therapy  often feel humiliated, intimidated, alienated, or any number of other ways. Sometimes therapy with children includes my addressing these  feelings directly with parents. As a treatment process continues I pay special attention to helping parents remain involved while respecting the privacy of all. Finding the right therapist for one's child can be a sensitive  endeavor. A sampling of my experience includes post-graduate training for working with children and parents. I have also worked with kids and families in the foster and adoptive systems, as well as in my private practice. I invite you to contact me should you have any specific questions my credentials or to learn more about how I could work with your child or family.