Matt Shatzman, MA, LPC
Adult and Adolescent Psychotherapy
     Going about change usually takes one of  two paths: from the outside in or the inside out. I have found both to be effective. Most often if  behaviors are sufficiently intrusive and acutely disruptive I tend to target them for containment so that we can then work on the underlying or causal factors. On the other hand, the work may start and reside mostly within the inner sphere of life which ultimately influences our behavior. 

     There is no prescribed path to growth or healing. However, a process tends to frequently emerge. A collaborative effort where safety and honesty make it possible to familiarize ourselves with our wishes, losses, assets, limits, and potential. Commonly we are reintroduced to our feelings. Some of these feelings may not play nicely with our thoughts. And so the process of therapy goes. A series of reconciliations, some easy and some not so easy. Restoration to our inherent desire and ability to grow as individuals and within relationships seems to be the goal most dearly sought .  So dear that the effort alone rarely disappoints.
   Therapy is an experience where human beings learn to live differently. Differently is the key word. Different can look like less depression, more spontaneity, or deeper and more mutual relationships. Different can be learning to say "yes," "no," or "maybe." Different can be improved physical health, less anxiety, or sustained sobriety. By the time one begins treatment there's usually a percolating idea of what needs attention, what needs to be different. Some of the tasks of therapy are helping you identify the ways you'd like to live differently, what has gotten in your way up to this point, and how those changes can be made. 
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