Matt Shatzman, MA, LPC
Adult and Adolescent Psychotherapy
     A client once told me when asked what brought him to treatment saying, "I've been thinking about it for a long time and finally figured if I'm thinking about it this much it probably means I need some help." I think his remark captures the strong feelings of confusion, ambivalence, vulnerability, and courage that each of us face when looking ourselves, our partners, or our children in the eye. We are scared, yet resilient. Smart, yet at times uninformed. We are busy, though disconnected or bored. And we are very, very clever at living around our lives rather than within them. If nothing else, therapy is designed to help develop clarity about our feelings, choices, and decisions so that we can live as skillful and meaningful a life as possible.

     How do we do that? Sometimes it's brief and relatively clear. Often it's not always so black and white. While I can describe how I work and some common elements in treatment, each of us is unique which makes each therapeutic relationship and experience unique. I invite you to contact me should you have any questions or wish to arrange an appointment after your time here .
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